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In this section you can get information on how to write in languages ​​other than Spanish and enjoy the same way with other languages.
First, you can write in the language you like or feel more comfortable and publish it on your profile.
Legends Founders has an algorithm for suggestions from people who wrote and read in the same language as you. Therefore, you can always filter through the language category, up to or translate the page to read and write as you like.

You will also enjoy competitions in English or Spanish and enjoy fantastic prizes every month. You can read more information about the contests here.

The Legends Founders platform is dedicated to the free reading and writing of languages ​​and cultures. Here we want to encourage the habit and passion for books and the creation of new stories.

In the Stories section you will find in the top menu, you can access all the stories and articles written by community members.

Here you will find a multitude of adventures, mysteries that await to be solved, complex loves, horror and tension joining together to take away your sleep.

What story do you want to live today? What character do you want to be?

Choose the genre that you like and enjoy our reading space.


Author’s note: The titles and text of this page are written in English, as a universal language, although you can choose any language you want, both for reading and writing.

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If you are passionate about books and read everything that falls into your hands, this community is for you!

🔹If the writing runs through your veins, here you can write, share and interact with other authors from all over the world.

🔹If you have always wanted to have your own blog but you have never decided, here you can create it from 0 and follow people with your own hobbies.

🔹If you already have your blog and your followers on other social networks but you can’t get them to visit you enough or get their attention, here you can have both. The community offers a social network and a blog for the user on the same platform. This offers ease, comfort and efficiency for other users to follow your posts and other publications of photographs, videos, interviews, songs and much more.

🔹So if your escape is to read and write, as if you want to dedicate yourself to it more professionally but you have not yet dared, here you can take your first steps to achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams.

🔹If you like interacting with other authors but you can’t find people with your same hobbies, you can join and participate in groups and forums of all kinds of topics. If none convinces you, reassure. You can create your own group or debate on the topic you want!

🔹If you like to read blogs about writing, literature, new learning, entrepreneurship and other related topics, you can go to the Blog section and read new articles every week. If you are interested in a specific topic, tell me or send me an email from the Contact section, I will be happy to write a post about it.

In conclusion, whether for hobby or because you dedicate yourself professionally, in Legends Founders you will have your space to dream about new stories, work on new projects, be inspired by other authors and mainly BE YOURSELF, WITHOUT FEARS.


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